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Walking Stick Umbrellas are a valuable item that combines two functions

The walking stick umbrella is created for older adults and adults with mobility problems, arthritis, and other similar conditions. It is a great invention designed to support our grandfathers and grandmothers on those rainy days when they need to move to do some errands in the city.

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This type of walking stick umbrella is made of very resistant materials, such as steel, aluminum, wood, and fiberglass. In addition, some models have LED lights and alarms to support the elderly in an emergency.

If you need a cane umbrella for a family member or friend in need, you're in the right place. Through this guide, we will give you some vital information and recommendations that will help you purchase in an easy, reliable, and safe way.

We will also provide you with a comparative list of the most outstanding cane umbrella models in the online sales pages of the web. With all these elements at your disposal, you will be able to buy the best cane umbrella that best suits your requirements.


What is a walking stick umbrella?

As its name suggests, it is an invention that blends the properties of two virtual devices: the umbrella and the walking stick.

The umbrella was invented millennia ago, being a creation attributed to the Chinese. It was designed primarily to protect from the sun and later extended its use to shelter from the rain.

The walking stick umbrella is even older; one could even say that it is as old as humanity itself. Troglodytes used it as simple wooden sticks on which they leaned to climb great peaks, also by the Babylonians. The latter would not leave homes without carrying a staff, which according to the figure carved on the handle, was a symbol of their status within the community. It was also used in ancient times, as it is today, by the elderly or people with mobility or sight dysfunctions as a support to move from one place to another.

The truth of the case is that it is still being used, fulfilling the same role as in ancient times, that is basically: as a support, as a symbol of command or distinction, as a defense, among other utilities.

The walking stick umbrella masterfully combines both functions and is considered today as a handy device.


Guide to buying a walking stick umbrella

There are several considerations you should take into account when deciding to buy a walking stick umbrella. We have taken the liberty of researching for you what these considerations are to purchase a quality, durable, resistant, and above all useful walking stick umbrella. So take note of the following recommendations and tips:

  • The materials with which cane umbrellas are made are resistant and of quality. This allows this type of attachment to be sold with guarantees from the manufacturers.
  • Based on the purpose for which they were created, the cane umbrellas are more resistant and more durable than the so-called conventional umbrellas.
  • The quality-price ratio of a cane umbrella is unmatched. A strong cane umbrella is twice or three times as expensive as a conventional cane, but it is also twice as durable and practical.
  • The best way to get your walking stick umbrella is through online sales portals. Through these specialized virtual pages, you acquire your umbrella comfortably and safely from your home.
  • The brands that offer cane umbrellas for sale are very well known because they have the particularity of putting in your hands a high-quality product.
  • You need to know that there are baton umbrellas for sale with lights, alarms and there are some that are even used for self-defense.


Where to buy a walking stick umbrella?

Without hesitation, we would like to tell you that the most comfortable, safe, and stress-free way to buy a walking stick umbrella is with the help of virtual online sales. Shopping in a physical store is a thing of the past. However, some establishments incorporate online sales very well as an additional modality. You can find different models of this item in our store.

Advantages of buying a walking stick umbrella

  • The main advantage of an umbrella cane is its use as a support tool for people with disabilities or the elderly.
  • A walking stick umbrella is a good investment to give as a gift for any occasion.
  • Walking stick umbrellas are made of high-quality, durable materials, ensuring that they will remain intact over time.
  • Provide extreme protection from heavy rainstorms and gusty winds.
  • Some cane umbrellas are used as elements for self-defense against unexpected attacks from intruders.
Long walking stick umbrella with wood handle
Long walking stick umbrella with wood handle

But that's not all...

The cane is a technical aid for mobility. It facilitates walking, increases stability, and reduces fatigue or load when walking on the lower limbs since it allows to unload the weight of the affected leg. The use of the cane allows the user to maintain independence to move around and helps to have a good, dynamic, and active quality of life.

For the cane to fulfill its purpose, it is necessary to make good use of it. To do this, you need to take the following into account:

The grip of the cane handle must be adequate. The user must feel comfortable and secure in the hand, choosing the grip that best suits his needs.

The measurement should be from the wrist to the floor in a vertical position. In other words, the optimal height is the height from the greater trochanter to the floor.

In addition, you should check the condition of the support point frequently, since once the rubber starts to wear out, the risk of falling increases, and the cane loses grip and, therefore, stability.

Thanks to their versatility, when it starts to rain, it can use independently as a walking cane and, at the same time, as an umbrella to protect from the rain. By pressing the button, the cane is pulled out from the inside of the umbrella cane tube. Thus, you can hold the umbrella in one hand and the club in the other.


Umbrellas for Rain Protection and Support of Walking

Walking Stick Umbrella - sturdiness and support

Walking Stick Umbrella, or so-called umbrella walking sticks, combine the sturdiness and support of a walking stick, with the benefit of an umbrella. They are ideal for people who like to have the convenience of an umbrella on hand should it start to rain, but also like to use the shaft as a walking stick for balance and discreet support when walking.


Large Umbrella combined with a Windproof Umbrella

Royal Walk - large walking stick umbrellas

Except for assist in maintaining a good posture, some designs also serve as a fashion accessory or are used for self-defense. Royal Walk walking stick umbrellas are a combination of large umbrellas, great for men and women, and a windproof umbrella that can withstand the most furious gusty winds. All umbrellas are made of high-quality materials like fiberglass, aluminum alloys, and wood that make Royal Walk umbrellas be light and robust at the same time, ensuring long-lasting performance and the best rain protection.


Beauty Wood Handle and Carrying Sleeve

Available in the most searched black, blue, and red colors, they are automatic opening, classy, J-curved wooden handle umbrellas. Come with matching shoulder carry sleeves, for easy transport.

We specialize in manufacturing windproof and water-resistant rain umbrellas that would withstand the stormiest weather. In most of the umbrellas, we have used fiberglass to create the ribs, which makes them flexible and strong.

We as manufacturers are determined to bring you the best value at affordable prices, high-end quality, and quick & reliable service.

Give yourself extra rain protection with Royal Walk Walking Stick Umbrellas.



Umbrella and walking stick in the same set, from the umbrella shaft, a sturdy and safe walking stick is taken out. So, you no longer have to carry a walking stick and an umbrella, as this article fulfills both functions. If it does not rain, the umbrella acts as a walking stick; you can take out the walking stick if it rains. So, you can use the walking stick on the one hand and the umbrella on the other hand.

The walking stick umbrella is considered a valuable invention for the elderly or people with motor or visual disabilities. Suppose you have a family member with these conditions. In that case, it is good to consider the feasibility of investing in one of these items to make their lives easier. We wish you success in your purchase and hope to serve you as a guide on another occasion.

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Customer reviews for Royal Walk Walking Stick Umbrellas

This stick umbrella is sturdy, holds up well in North Cornwall squalls and looks smart.

This is the first umbrella we have used which actually did withstand the gails down here. Because it is not a fold-up model you have to be prepared to use it like a walking stick when not raining

Great walking stick umbrella

This walking stick umbrella is much sturdier than others you can find online. It's a very good product. It's not long enough, so can be using it as a stick when walking.

Top quality stick umbrella

Oh God, I seriously cannot fault this umbrella! It's simply superb!
It's one of those walking stick umbrellas, with a metal end that will not get scuffed! Really strong mechanism, very good tension when open, compact when closed, in a handy carry case! Just excellent!

Good quality walking stick umbrella

Nice large stick umbrella which doesn't look odd as a walking stick. The automatic opening also works quite well as does the manual closing latch which engages easily. A quick spin and most of the rain water shakes off.

Large stylish and does the job this stick umbrella

I find the umbrella just slightly too long to act as a walking stick but again that is a trade off for having such a large canopy. The large canopy is exactly what I was looking for so no argument there. The fabric appears to be of a good quality and obviously has a waterproofing quality as the water beads quite well.

Walking stick umbrella plenty of room for two, like a golf brolly

Very pleased with brolly. Its a good size for two people just as advertised. Have not used in wind yet o cannot comment on that. I do not think it is strong enough to use as walking stick which I would have liked a it is fairly long. I don't think it would take me putting any weight on it too often. However, it is a damned good brolly and I am well pleased.

Good quality stick umbrellas. Unusually long

Arrived very quickly. Good mechanism that works well. Seems robust. Slightly longer than most of the “city” umbrellas I have used in the past so it doesn’t work carrying it like a walking stick ( and I’m 182cm or 6ft) There is shoulder type carrying strap attached to the sleeve.

Good to buy stick umbrella

I got this umbrella because i needed a walking stick umbrella it has a good handle to hold onto and because it has a lot of spines it is strong, but lightweight ! very pleased with this item !

Royal walk the royal winner walking stick umbrella!

Great brolly! these brollys are a tad longer than normal ones so much better to use as a walking stick/brolly which is fantastic! Handle is fine though it would be even better if they did mens brolly with more "chunky" handles..still a great brolly though thats just my preference. Recommended buy!

Best walking stick umbrella I have ever had.

It is very good in terms of not turning inside out in high winds. The size of it means it will comfortably cover one person. It is however quite heavy. Finally it can be used as a walking stick if necessary.

Great Cane and stick Umbrella

I was in need of a walking stick and umbrella and this product solved both of those.


This mens umbrella is awesome. It is perfect for 2 people under the windy rain. Love the summer walks in rainy London with my wife Jennie.
Large umbrella with sturdy walking stick, nice wooden handle. XXL one! LOVE IT

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