Unique umbrellas blending traditional workmanship with modern style to create the most exquisite umbrellas on the market. Single masterpieces entirely designed in the EU and distributed to every corner of the world.

ABOUT Royal Walk

Royal Walk combines cutting edge quality with innovation. The design stages of every Royal Walk umbrella have been done in a small cozy office in Bulgaria. Once our creation team is satisfied with the model, each umbrella is gently constructed at our factory in the Far East.

No umbrella leaves the factory before numerous stages of tests have been done and later approved by our quality control team. To ensure each umbrella will have its own style, we carefully source natural materials like different types of wood and carefully handcraft them into our handles. Constructions are often made by high-grade lightеned aluminum or fiberglass to ensure timeless use.

Our research team sources only the finest cloths/fabrics to be inlaid into our types of umbrellas; with a size, style and design to suit everyone.



We at Royal Walk believe that we need to constantly improve and the main goal of each of us is to get better at what we do. That is why we aspire and work every day to improve our products and our service. We strive for continuous progress so that YOU – our customers, can get products of the highest quality at affordable prices!

We are far from understanding that reasonably priced umbrellas need to be poor or low quality. Every person should have to possibility to purchase a well-favored umbrella at a competitive price.

Using the best quality materials, luxurious design and key attention to details – this makes Royal Walk umbrellas outstanding! From customers opinions analysis, to careful and deep research, responsible materials sourcing, at every step of the manufacturing process we do our best to minimize redundant costs so that we can deliver first-class umbrellas at an extremely affordable price.



Being surrounded by a merchant world saturated with low quality stock, disposable products, we at Royal Walk never stopped looking for reliability and endurance.

In this constantly changing harsh world we need just a few friends to rely on.  Royal Walk umbrellas are some these “friends” you can count on, so “Let’s go under the life’s stormy and rainy path TOGETHER”.